Val Halla Golf & Recreation Center

Val Halla Golf & Recreation Center

Val Halla Golf & Recreation CenterVal Halla Golf & Recreation Center


The purpose of the Association shall be to promote golf and other activities, encourage good sportsmanship and to work for the betterment of the Val Halla Golf and Recreation Center.

Benefits of Joining

The benefits are numerous. It provides an updated handicap every two weeks, allows you to play in all tournaments and it’s a great way to meet other members. Val Halla has one of the most active and social associations in the state. If you need help entering scores in the GHIN system, or have questions related to tournaments, simply ask. The golf Pro and all other members are more than willing to help with any questions you may have.


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Slate of Officers

Scott Babbidge, President

Mark Franco, 1st Vice President

Tony Polito, 2nd Vice President

Karen Moody, Secretary

John Hadwen, Treasurer

Scholarship Fund

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Approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(7) organization

VHGA Committee's



Tournament rules and local rules can be found here.


Scott Johnson - Chair

Jay Burrell

Kate Harris

Judy Ingraham

Karen Moody

Steve Sloan

Neil Williams

Dan Wood


Tony Polito

Nick Bartlett

Jon Campbell

Mark Franco

Joe Gildart

Blair Clancy

Greg Palmacci

Paul Severino

John Hadwen - Treasurer

Men's Tournament & Rules Committee

Scott Johnson - Chair

Steve Landry

Tim Matthews

Tony Polito

Mike Steinberg

Ladies Tournament & Rules Committee

Kate Harris - Co-Chair

Deb Towle - Co-Chair

Karen Moody

Celeste Ross

Sue Wilson

Twilight League Committee

Men's Twilight League:

Bill Shane - Co-Chair

Morris Fisher - Co-Chair

Ladies Twilight League:

Karen Moody - Chair

Linda Varrell