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Val Halla is in full support of the PGA-USGA initiative referred to as “Tee It Foward.”  Val Halla has added a fourth set of tees that allows golfers to choose the tees best suited to their game.  Val Halla has also incorporated on its scorecard the “suggested tees” each golfer should play based on DRIVING DISTANCE.  It’s not about age, ability or gender…it’s about placing everyone in the proximity for the second shot.

To us, “playing faster…having more fun,” is what it’s all about! 

Click here to hear what the BEAR has to say!  TIF_Nicklaus_PGA_USGA


•  Golfers are encouraged to play from the set of tees that best fits their game and ability. The objective is for golfers to have a more enjoyable experience on the course, to play faster and to have more fun. We encourage golfers to TEE IT FORWARD anytime and anywhere.


• Do you wish your approach shot to the green was just a bit easier? Would you be interested in trying a suggestion from The PGA of America and the USGA to help golfers have more fun? It’s called


• We recommend golfers play from tee markers best suited to their abilities.

• The concept is for golfers to hit approach shots into greens using more lofted clubs that might be similar to the clubs that a PGA or LPGA Tour Professional would use over the course of a round.

• Many amateurs regularly hit approach shots on a par-4 from 185 to 205 yards. When you TEE IT FORWARD, you have the potential to hit approach shots from 145 to 165 yards. Therefore, you should be hitting more lofted irons instead of hitting fairway woods and hybrids.

• By hitting more lofted irons, you should play faster and have more fun!


• Golfers can TEE IT FORWARD anytime, anywhere and on any golf course.

• We are interested in your feedback. After your round, go to PlayGolfAmerica.com/

Driver Distances

18-Hole Recommended Yardages

Val Halla Tee Recommendation

Under 100 Yards


Blue Disk



Gold Disk



Green Tee



Gold Tee



White Tee



Blue Tee


1. Why do they call it TEE IT FORWARD?

We believe most golfers are playing from tee markers too long for them to really enjoy the game. We would rather see golfers hitting mid-irons for approach shots into greens as opposed to hybrids, 3-woods or not even being able to reach greens. To make this happen, golfers are encouraged to perhaps move up and play the proper set of tees for their ability.

2. How do I know which tees are best for me?

Determining the tees to play based on your ability and comfort level on the course. You can always ask your PGA Professional for his/her opinion. Perhaps move up a set of tees from those tees you normally play and see which is more enjoyable.

3. I am just learning and hoped to play from a yardage much shorter than my course offers. Do you have any suggestions?

First, you should ask your PGA Professional for his/her opinion. There is a chance the course uses the PGA Family Course with modified tees placed in the fairway. If not, try teeing off from the 150-yard marker for par 4s and the 200-yard marker for par 5s (this gives a distance of around 2,600 yards).

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