Ladies League

Hello Ladies – we have some exciting changes to Ladies League this year that we hope will provide less stress, more competition, and more socializing!! Here are the highlights:

  1. Shotgun Start: We will have a 5:00 p.m. shotgun start each Wednesday, starting on May 23rd.
  2. 12 Weeks: League will be shortened to 12 weeks, with 2 weeks of Team playoffs at the end of the season. We start officially on May 23rd and go to August 29th. (See calendar.)  VH Ladies League Calendar 2018
  3. Two Competitions in One: We will have both Flighted Individual competition (same as before), as well as Team Competition (A,B,C,D). The teams will be selected by the Pro Shop in advance. The playoffs at the end of the season will be to determine winners of Team Competition only. Individual winners will be decided by Stableford points (same as always).
  4. Scoring: We will continue to use Stableford points. All cards must be turned in to the Pro Shop who will do all scoring for you each week (no math!!) and provide a printout to Karen. Also, we will be taking your 10 Best Scores from the 12 weeks to determine flight winners.  Finally, please record your putts each week on each hole (see Side Action below).
  5. Makeups: Since we are now doing shotgun start, no makeups will be allowed. Instead, if you miss a week, you will receive the same points as the lowest scoring lady in your flight. Don’t forget – your two lowest scores will not be counted!
  6. Side Action: We are planning to do some fun side games within league, which will also allow players to compete regardless of overall score! For example, Least Putts, Chip In, and some others we will think up along the way. If you want to participate – pay side action in the Pro Shop. And don’t forget to record your putts on each score card!

LEAGUE KICK-OFF MEET & GREET, VENDOR SHOW & HAPPY HOUR: Wednesday, May 16th at 5:00 in the Tee Box. We will go over all the changes, and Brian is bringing in some new merchandise for us to take a look at. There will also be refreshments!! Please come meet the league members and help Brian select Ladies merchandise for the Pro Shop!!

Karen Moody

Linda Varrell